An high-earning Faucet for you !

ReferBitcoin Faucet

Claim every 120 minutes !

Come-back every 120 and claim your Satoshi. All your Satoshi earned will be added to your ReferBitcoin balance. You will be able to withdraw them once your balance reach the minimum threshold.

Earn between 5 & 250 Satoshi per claims

The possible rewards are 5, 15, 30, 50 & 250 Satoshi.

Captcha protection by ReCaptcha V2

To protect the Faucet, we use ReCaptcha system by Google. With this solution, we protect our members against fraudulent claims.

Exclusives bonus !

With the 6 exclusives bonus, you can earn up to 300% more Satoshi for each claims with Genesis-Mining, Consecutive Days, Referral link, Rotator, Play Faucet & Broadcast bonuses.

See by yourself !