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How many Satoshi can I earn with Faucet ?

You can earn 5, 15, 30, 50 or 250 with ReferBitcoin Faucet. Just solve the captcha and press the claim button.

How often can I claim ?

You can claim every 120 min with ReferBitcoin Faucet.


What is Pay2Click section ?

Pay2Click section is the place that allows you to wiew websites in exchange of 50 Satoshi.

Where these website came from ?

All ReferBitcoin members can purpose websites to display these in this section.

How often can I visit these websites ?

You can only visit websites once a day.

Referral System

How does referral system work ?

There are 2 levels for referral system on ReferBitcoin. Referral level 1 for each person your referred, and Referral level 2 for each person all your referrals level 1 referred.

What can I earn with referral system ?

You earn 15 % of your referrals (level 1) earnings and earn 5 % of your referrals (level 2) earnings.

Where can I find my referral link ?

You will find your referral link in the "Refer" section. We provide to you 3 differents referral links : A general referral link, a Faucet referral link and a Rotator referral link.

How can I promote my links ?

Yes, your ReferBitcoin account will be credited of 1 Satoshi for each unique visits of your links.

Can I take an advantage when I diffuse my referral links ?

You can promote these llinks by any way you want ! You can sen an email to your friends, use rotator system...

FreeBitco.in Bonus

What is FreeBitco.in Bonus ?

You can earn up to 100% earning with FreeBitco.in Bonus by playing to the best Bitcoin Faucet. To earn this bonus you have to :

How can I have this Bonus ?

- Use our referral link to create a new account;
- Use the same wallet as your ReferBitcoin account (for your account : ) for the FreeBitco.in account creation;
- When you will play to the FreeBitco.in, your FreeBitco.in Bonus will automatically increase;
- To have the maximum of the FreeBitco.in Bonus, you have to earn a maximum of 1 000 000 Satoshi on the FreeBitco.in Faucet;
- If you already have a FreeBitco.in account but without using our referral link for your inscription, you have to create a new one and use your new Wallet on your ReferBitcoin account (change here);- More informations available on the FreeBitco.in Bonus category;

When will I got my Bonus ?

The bonus is updated every day.



Why my balance decrease ?

When you write your referral links for Faucets diffused through ReferBitcoin Rotator, you could lose your Satoshi accumulated to your balance. In facts, when your referral link is selected, you lose 0 Satoshi. You can stop the diffusion of your links to stop the Satoshi loss with the desactivation of this option.